Travel in 2021
Yukon, Canada
Time to plan in advance! We are already accepting reservations for these fantastic 2021 tours. Small group tours tend to sell out quickly, so if you are considering one of our vacations don't hesitate to reserve your space now. Don't forget that we offer monthly payment plans, so planning in advance will also give you an affordable way of paying for your holiday! 

Our tour offerings for 2021 focus mainly on South America and include some of our favourite places, along with a couple of new destinations. Whether you are looking for wine tours, culinary tours, women's vacations, wellness activities, or just the right mixture of everything, there is something for everyone. Just click on the title of the tour you are interested in to see the day by day itinerary, what's included, and price.  

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Wine and Wellness in Chile
Departure Date: January 16, 2021
Maximum 8 travellers
A great taste of the wine regions around Santiago, with a side trip up to the La Serena and Elqui Valley area to soak in some good energy and try the Chilean alcohol - Pisco. A mixture of wine tastings and tours along with nature, good food and some off the beaten track places makes this an amazing journey.  

Departure Date: February 6, 2021
Maximum 8 travellers
Argentina is one of the top wine producers, along with having stunning landscapes and interesting culture and history.  This makes Argentina one of our favourite places to visit, as we explore the wine region of Mendoza in the west and the Iguazu Falls waterfall system in the north of the country. Wonderful culinary opportunities abound and we enjoy a unique spa day in the Mendoza area. A taste of Buenos Aires completes this vacation. As usual we have mixed some well known places with our own favourite off the beaten track sites in this journey. 
Exploring COLOMBIA
Departure Date: February 22, 2021
Maximum 10 travellers
What can we say about our upcoming tour to Colombia? Just that it combines the very best of the country itself, with visits to the gorgeous city of Cartagena, the coffee plantations, the beaches, the city of Bogota, the city of Medellin and so much more. Fantastic culinary opportunities abound during this holiday, along with some amazing cultural experiences and chances to venture off the beaten track with us. From the Andes to the beaches, you can't really go wrong by choosing this vacation!
Exploring the History of PERU
Departure Date: May 3, 2021
Maximum 10 travellers

Our Peru explorations take you through the incredible pre-Incan historic and archeological sites, along with true cultural experiences and the beautiful scenery of the Andean mountains, the coastal areas and the highlands. Take yourself off the beaten track with us as we travel through some of the lesser known but still amazing places in the diverse country of Peru. If the two weeks of pre-Incan sites are not enough for you, choose to add on another week to the Incan city of Cusco, the incredible Sacred Valley and the famous citadel of Machu Picchu. Our knowledgeable local guides and your tour leader will pamper you every step of the way. 
​SPANISH Wine and Culinary Experience
Departure Date: May 10, 2021 
Maximum 8 travellers

We would love to include every single fantastic vineyard in Spain, but since that is not possible, we have created a fantastic 12-day tour that takes you through some of the best off the beaten track wine areas, along with phenomenally beautiful areas, and incredible historic areas that are not visited by normal tourists. High quality hotels and services along with your personal tour leader will ensure that you are pampered every moment of this vacation.
Holiday in The NETHERLANDS
​​Departure Date: October 10, 2021
Maximum 10 travelers 
With a wide mixture of towns, cities and countrysides, travellers will get an all around view of the fantastic country of Holland during this vacation. Interesting historical sites, fabulous food, beautiful scenery and lovely culture make this a once-in-a-lifetime type of holiday. Experience the country outside of Amsterdam as we explore some of the well known cities and off the beaten track towns and sites. 

Marvelous MOROCCO
Departure Date: October 24 , 2021
Maximum 10 travellers

Our Moroccan adventure begins and ends in Marrakesh and takes you on a circular journey through the country. The tour includes some wonderful culinary opportunities, a foray into the nearby Atlas Mountains, a fantastically relaxing spa session in Fes, a wine tour to Meknes, some incredible historical and cultural sites, a journey through the Moroccan desert, along with much more. Check out the complete itinerary for all the delights that have been planned for you. 
Enchanting ECUADOR
Departure Date: November 28, 2021
Maximum 10 travelers 
This itinerary will be available shortly.