Nibbles and Sips Tours

Imagine discovering new cultures and countries by taste... 
Imagine discovering wellbeing within yourself by travelling... 

Imagine no more! 

With a strong focus on food, wine and wellness, our small group tours allow every traveller to have the time to truely enjoy each journey.  It is our pleasure to create unique tours that highlight these areas in every country we visit. We turn vacations into exciting adventures as we venture off-the-beaten track to experience each of our destinations to its fullest. 

Of course, we love to incorporate the local culture and history, so you will find each itinerary has a mixture of interesting activities. 

Every year brings new destinations. We choose each one carefully, thinking of our travellers. Every itinerary is just a bit different, but the inclusions are always the same. We take care of every detail, from large to small, in order to let you travel without worry and return from your trip relaxed. 

Why choose a tour?

Let us take care of the research and the details. Let us take care of finding the best services and hotels. Travelling with an experienced, professional tour leader means that you have no worries about language, cultural customs or getting lost.

Why choose a small group tour?
Travelling with a small group means that you have lots of time to experience the places you are visiting without being rushed.   
Small group tours allow us to provide exceptional and personalized service to our clients as well as opportunities to visit unique sites that larger groups cannot.  Small group travel also means you get to vacation with like minded people, and leave with new friends.

Why travel with us?
It is our mission to provide you with the best travel experience possible, from the moment you consider our vacations, to the moment you return from your holiday. We guarantee each of our departures, so there is no worry about cancellations after you have reserved your space. As well, we are a team of experienced travellers who pride ourselves on giving our guests once-in-a-lifetime vacations. With more than 25 years of tourism behind us, we look forward to using all of our knowledge to help you have the best holiday possible. 
Our 2020 tours are bringing back some of our clients favourite destinations, along with some fabulous new ones. Amazing destinations await you, such as relaxation in Thailand; fabulous cuisine and wine in Spain; the mystery and beauty of Ireland; the history of England and much much more. 
Take advantage of our monthly payment plan options and experience an affordable way to pay for your vacation!
While 2021 seems so far away, it is never too soon to start planning your travels. Amazing destinations await you, such as 
Take advantage of our monthly payment plan options and experience an affordable way to pay for your vacation!

Our 2022 tours are also coming soon, so planning for the future will become even easier. 
Custom Tours
No matter if you are a single traveller or a large group looking for specialized, custom services, we can help you. 
Let us create something just for you. 

Custom tours can be made for any country, any timeline and any interests. We can include as little or as much as you would like, so don't hesitate to ask us about a special holiday just for you.